about CF
Join Caedmon`s Fayre on their magical musical tour:  Rough songs, dreamy ballads, rocking tunes,  traditional melodies supported by jazzy grooves, driving celtic rythms as well as drinking-songs from smoky Dublin pubs will take you to the country of dreamers poets and musicians. Fiddle, viola, a wide variety of flutes, whistles, guitars and  percussion-instruments, e-bass and drums and the voices of Jayce O´Connor and Peter Chlup make Caedmon`s Fayre a unique band with its very own sound.

Caedmon`s Fayre was founded in 1993. The musicians started off with traditional Irish music, and their songs and tunes were soon broadcast on Continental and Irish radio stations. In 1995 their legendary album MAVOURNEEN was recorded.

Caedmon`s Fayre was extremly popular with both the audience and the press. However, many ideas and creative possibilities coming  up could not be realized in that band-context. The desire for a completely new, much more modern musical approach led to a re-formation of the group. 

Since 1999 Caedmon`s Fayre have successfully performed in a new setup including drums and e-bass. Their music is appreciated by a multicolour audience: folk-freaks, rock-fans and even lovers of classical music. The band attracts an enormous mass of enthousiastic listeners and fills renowned concerthalls. The group`s reputation spreads permanently due to its amazing stage-performance and regular presence in the media. 

The musicians really love what they are doing: "What`s greater than stepping out on stage, giving our instruments a good run and having them ring out on those jigs and reels, then slow down on a dreamy air, or back up quietly behind a great ballad?"